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Privacy Policy

Vaughan-Bassett Furniture Company collects information on the Dealer Information page in order to provide our team members with the location data needed to recommend dealers within your area. We do not share, trade, or sell the personal information you provide.


Vaughan-Bassett Furniture Company provides a one-year warranty for standard manufacturing defects on its furniture from the time that furniture is shipped to our dealers.

If our furniture has a manufacturing defect (i.e. season splits, cracks, broken pulls/hardware), the ultimate customer must report any problem to the furniture dealer, not to the manufacturer.

It is the responsibility of the furniture dealer to reach an agreement with the ultimate customer and to place any necessary repair orders with the manufacturer. Vaughan-Bassett must work through the furniture dealer, not the ultimate customer, to address defect issues.

Vaughan-Bassett is not responsible for shipping damages that occur when furniture is in transit between the manufacturer and the furniture dealer, nor is the manufacturer responsible for any shipping damages that occur when the furniture is in transit between the furniture dealer and the ultimate customer.

It is the responsibility of the ultimate customer to inspect and approve the furniture when it is delivered to them.